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Touch Screen for Raspi

Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. 

The big advantage of Raspberry Pi is that it doesn't have a fixed pattern.You can use it to play video or browsing the web, also can "play with" it, learn how to use this motherboard to do something, Raspberry PI is a flexible platform that can be played as a toy, a tool or experiment platform..

An ordinary computer

Raspberry PI is a computer that can also be used to install free software on the web.You can use it to deal with documents or tables when you can't connect to the network..

Learning to programming

Raspberry PI is designed as a teaching tool to encourage young people to carry out various computer experiments, It installs the interpreter and compiler of various programming languages. For beginners, you can use MIT and Scratch Graphical programming language. If you want to start coding directly, consider using Python.You can also use C language, Ruby. Java and Perl these various languages to develop program..

Electronic project platform

Raspberry PI is a much smaller, cheaper, and more important feature than a regular computer, and that's it can be used as an experiment platform for electronic projects.