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Light intensity sensor-BH1750FVI


This is a BH1750FVI light intensity sensor module, a built-in 16 bit AD converter generating digital signal. The data from this module is light intensity in lx. It communicate with micro-controller board through I2C bus.

Technical data

Work voltage: 3.3 to 5V


I2C bus Interface.

luminance to Digital Converter.

Wide range and High resolution. ( 1 - 65535 lx ).

Low Current by power down function.

50Hz / 60Hz Light noise reject-function.

Little influence by the light source ( ex. Incandescent Lamp. Fluorescent Lamp. Halogen Lamp. White LED. Sun Light).

It is possible to select 2 type of I2C slave-address.

Adjustable measurement result for influence of optical window.

Small measurement variation (+/- 20%).

The influence of infrared is very small.

Dimensions: 0.85*0.63*0.13"(21*16*3.3mm).