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There are four kinds of material: RF-4 TG130, Aluminum and flexible printed circuit.

1.FR-4 is actually a rank of flame retarding, it also a generic terms of a kind of material. The FR-4 we used is named RF-4 Epoxy glass fiber laminate, it’s the most used material in PCB. If you are new to PCB, you can choose this material or contact us.
TG means the temperature of glassy state transformation.
2.High TG FR-4 is better than normal FR-4 in flame retarding, The TG of RF-4 is 130℃, and High TG FR-4 for 160℃. Contact us when you want this material.
3.Aluminum board has the function of radiating heat, is widely used in LED board, it’s difficult to making 2 layers’ aluminum board, even for 4 layers, so, we offer two selection for you: a layer and 2 layers.
4.Flexible printed circuit is worse than normal PCB, it can be bent, so it’s commonly used for connection .
You can click here to have a look of our PCB.Learn More
FR-4 TG130
Layers means the circuit layers
1 layer board doesn't means it has only a single aspect, 1 layer board shows that there’s only a circuit layer on the board
2 layers board has two circuit layers on the board.Learn More
1 Layers 2 Layers 4 Layers
The maximal length and width of printed circuit board, note: the maximal length and width is 500mm, if your PCB is large than this, please contact us: sales@juvtmall.comLearn More
  *    * Unit:mm
The rang of FR4 is from 10mm to 500mm;
Quantity of PCBs required.Learn More
5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 400 500 750 1000
PCB Thickness
The thickness of PCB, and the unit is mm.
Note: PCB thickness tolerance is ±10% when the thickness is more than 1mm, when the thickness is less than 1mm, the tolerance is ±0.1 mm.Learn More
0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.0 * Unit:mm
Panelized PCBs
There are 3 kinds of panelized PCB, identical design panelization, different PCB panelization and no panelization.
Learn More
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 eg

PCB Color
TIP: when choosen PCB color which not white, silk screen must be white, and when choosen white PCB, silk screen must be black, there are 6 kinds of color of PCB. Silk screen also means font.Learn More
Font Color
TIP: when choosen PCB color which not white, silk screen must be white, and when choosen white PCB, silk screen must be black. Silk screen also means fontLearn More
Open - metal is exposed so that you can prob it or solder it
Tented - the via is covered by soldermask (it means oil, the color is the same as PCB color), insulating it from shorts
Learn More
Open Tented
Surface Finish
HASL: Hot Air Solder Level, this is the most used and cheapest way.

HASL lead free: if you choose Hasl without lead, we will use the Halogen Free material(RoHs).

ENIG: Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, meanwhile, it’s called soft gold.
Advantage: Smooth surface, good at radiat heat.

OSP: OSP is the short of Organic Solderability Preservatives, it is a technology which generate a organic membrane on a board full of copper. This membrane protect the board from rust in normal temperature, but it will be clean quickly in highly temperature, via this feature, we can make firmly welding spot.

Hard Gold: Used for gold finger.Learn More
Copper Weight
This is the copper weight for top and bottom layer.
The inner layer's copper weight is defalut to be 1 oz.Learn More
1oz. 2oz. 3oz.
Min Hole Size
The minimal drilling diameter of hole, if you want to batch the product, please make sure that the minimal size of drilling diameter of hole.Learn More
0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm
Min Tracking / Spacing
The minimum width of the track/spacing in your design. If your design needs to be batch produced please make sure the min track/spacing is more than 6 mil.Learn More
4/4 mil 5/5 mil 6/6 mil
Kinds of stencil, the eff. means the effect sizeLearn More
Gerber File
Gerber FileLearn More
Add Your Gerber File
Zip and RAR accept only
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Panelized PCBs
PCB Color
Font Color
Surface Finish
Copper Weight
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Min Tracking / Spacing
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Stencil Qty
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Polishing Techniques
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     2-layer board with the defaulted property can be completed in 1 day and 4-layer board with the defaulted property can be completed in 2 day, if you can place the order before 6:00 pm everyday, otherwise the project will be started in the next day.

Process of PCB/PCBA

Best way to choose property of PCB prototyping 

For getting PCB in an efficient way, we suggest the defaulted property.

Tip: Another way for quotation

1. Material: Alumium board, Flexible circuit board

2. Surface finish: OSP, Hard Gold

3. Small batch prototyping

And so on..

(If find there's no property you can choose and need, please contact sales@juvtmall.com for competitive price.)


1.Place order on this page and choose corresponding property

2.Upload Gerber file

The Gerber file should include:


3.Pay for the order

4.Lead time

Project will be started in 24h after receiving your payment, and we will send an e-mail to inform you that the project is started,

2-layer board costs 1 day,

4-layer board costs about 2 days,

6-layer board costs about 3-4 days. ( all are based on defaulted property)


Please email sales@juvtmall.com for more informations.



1. PCB fee will be showed to you once choose the property and uploaded the Gerber file.

2. Stencil ( Some one may need order a stencil)

Notice: if select stencil, the quotation just include stencil fee, not including the shipping fee

If components are needed to be ordered from foreign countries, taxes and any extra fees will be charged in the payment.


When the project is completed, we will ship it to you using DHL, which will take 3-5 business days.

In the PCBA service, normally, stencil won't be shipped to you unless you need it and are willing to pay the extra shiping fee.

Your stencil will be stored by us for free, if you do the same order the next time, there is no need to purchase extra stencil fee for the same Gerber.


Please submit the address, post code, phone number and your name, if wanna change your receive address, please contact us as soon as possible before we ship out the package.