Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi?

First of all, what size it's? As big as a credit card. Raspberry Pi is a micro computer, yeah, it is really a computer, USB port, WLAN port, SD card port and a HDMI output port for connecting the display or TV. They are what the computer contains, meanwhile, Raspberry Pi can almost cover what a computer can do, such as connect a keyboard and a mouse to control the Raspberry Pi, connect a 4.0 inch Raspberry Pi screen to be a display, or use a network cable to surf the internet. Rasp pi is so functional and it’s as big as a credit card. It’s amazing that the Raspberry Pi can be a computer with so tiny body.

Rasp Pi is a mini computer being popular in the teacher, primary student, small enterprise and other people. Compared to the Arduino, Rasp Pi has a little shortcoming. Because Rasp Pi has preloaded the Linux system, you have to learn the Linux language before programming it.