Juvtmall, a company is specializing in PCB, PCBA, Raspberry Pi, all kinds of  components, modules and so on for many years with high quality and best price. Now we are expending our business overseas to serve our customs better.  

Tip:Juvtmall is a cat who provides service and holds a basket.


1. PCB(printed circuit board) prototyping

The process for you to place an order is very easy, just upload your idea in a Gerber to us.

We’ll make the same thing which is just like what the Gerber described, generally, a layer,

two layers and four layers PCB are in common service(you can click here to get more information about how much you’ll be spent on your board).

2. PCBA(printed circuit board assembly)

As PCB Assembly, you need to give us the relevant files, including Gerber, BOM(the list of electrical components), coordinate file and so on to ask for quotations. When receving your payment, we will make the boards, purchase components, weld and test the PCBA boards asap. About 5 days later, you can get the completed scale. 

14f842bdb080d3a1-76a0c5d84895a6a9-ee92abdf323ca1a94db22e8d1faa6bf0.jpg Goal

living on the high quality,

developing based on the speed

(we try our best to save time, to supply faster service).

Since we begin to run the company, we set the goal of being the most influential company in this area!

The principle of our company is: In order to achieve the goal, we pour quantity capital into the advanced machine, strain the standard of making product and QC standard of feeding and catching table, make sure that our product has already reached the quality precision and so on. 


Time goes by, with the development of our company, Now, I am proud of that we Juvtmall has become the most influential company, we are the wind indicated in the PCB/PCBA maker area. These products are widely used in communication, medical machine, aviation, test machine, computer’s extra production and so on. Our staff is more than a thousand and our customer is more than 200,000. There is a large number of the professional, experimental person who are the core in our company.


You may find that the basket exist in the first page, the basket contains quantity electrical component such as sensor, display, shield, Arduino and so on, you know:

The world is developing, it comes to the age of IoT(Internet of Thing).

Everyone has his or her idea to design a creature which is useful to solve several problem or multifunctional to cheer their lover or something else. Anyway, they are the designer to the world(though they may not aim to change the world, actually, they make the world more magnificent), here's come the problem of how can I get the component to make the idea come true? And how to get the high quality component as well as the cheapest price? Just click here and Juvtmall will solve all the problem which trouble you.

Online market

Juvtmall is an online market, people always get what they want here, there are large number of the component, shield, Catduino board and so on, Juvtmall serves anything as long as you can list. Compared to the other companies in the same trade, Juvtmall has the perfect price, higher quality production.


Juvtmall is not just only a market but also a platform to help people who have ideas in creating something new. Various component, shield, sensor and other useful production are provided to fit your need.


Juvtmall also support people who want to design some module which haven't been produced in the market, tell us your ideas and inspirations, and design the module, we can make it a sample in real module, then you can test it.

Tips: if your order is heavier that there's no shipping method for you, please contact us, thank you!



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