1.What do these things mean?

What do these Gerber files mean?

What's the Gerber file?

What's the copper weight?

What is the Min Track/Spacing?

What are the rules for PCB panelization?

What is the inner layer copper thickness?

What is Blind/Buried Via?

What is the The Min Track/Spacing for 1oz./2oz./3oz. Copper weight

What is Half-cut/Castellated Holes?

What is the thickness of Fusion PCB?

What is Imperdance Control?

What is the correct way to draw the silkscreen on the bottom side?

What is the difference between Fusion standard PCB and Fusion Advanced PCB?

2.Why using Gerber file?

3.How to generate Gerber file from other softwares?

      How to generate Gerber file from eagle?

      How to generate Gerber files in Altium Designer?

      How to generate Gerber files from CircuitMaker?

      How to generate Gerber files from KiCAD?

      How to generate Gerber files from DipTrace?

      How to generate Gerber files from Proteus?

      How to generate Gerber files from DesignSpark?

4.How to export/convert these things?

      How to export the drill files correctly?

      How to convert drilling layer from Gerber to Excellon format in CAM350?

      How to export the correct Gerber file? (even though not eagle)

 5. When I meet these, what should I do?

      What should I do if I don't require Solder Mask or Drill hole or other things?

      Which layer should I use in EAGLE for milling?

      What should I do when my Gerber files over too big (over 4MB)?

      If my PCB does not require Solder Mask, what should I do?

      If my PCB do not require Drilling Holes, what should I do ?

      If my PCB's do not have the silkscreen, how can I proceed with my PCBA order?

 6.How many kinds of material of PCB?

 7.The surface finish for PCB

 8.The color of solder mask

 9.The dimension for PCB

10.Solder Mask Dam