How to generate Gerber files from KiCAD?

How to generate Gerber files from KiCAD?

New Version of KiCAD (version ≥4.0.0) has improved gerber format compatibility. If you use old KiCAD, 

please update your kicad for better performance. Here is the configuration for New KiCAD.

Let's get the basics out of the way.
  1. Learn KiCAD

  2. Create a schematic

  3. Create a board layout

  4. Pass DRC with Juvtmall's rules

  5. Learn how to generate gerbers and a drill file

At this point, the real challenge is to figure out how to generate the proper gerbers.
Gerber file requirements:
The following layers are needed:
  • Top Layer: pcbname.GTL

  • Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBL

  • Solder Mask Top: pcbname.GTS

  • Solder Mask Bottom: pcbname.GBS

  • Silk Top: pcbname.GTO

  • Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO

  • Drill Drawing: pcbname.TXT

  • Board Outline?pcbname.GML/GKO

The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.
Now when you open up your Plot dialog, you should check the B. SilkS (back/bottom silkscreen), F. SilkS (front/top silkscreen), and Edge.Cuts(outline) gerber options. Your screen should look something like this:
Plot Dialog
And in the drill file screen, you should check Minimal Header box, and select Suppress Leading Zeroes from the 'Zeroes Format' selection, leading to a 2:4 precision. It should look like this:
Drill Dialog
Now click the Drill File button, close the drill dialog, hit the Plot button, and close that dialog as well.
Check your gerbers in gerbviewer (gerbv) to make sure everything is right. In the example below, I made sure that the vias looked right, the drills looked right, the stop-soldermask looked right on the top and bottom, the silkscreen looked right on the top and bottom, the copper looked right on the top and bottom, and that the dimensions looked right. A lot of checking! (And I still missed one small thing, which thankfully turned out to be a gerbv bug and not my mistake.)

Here's what mine looked like for a recent project (front and back, respectively):

Gerber Front Gerber Back

Gerber Front Gerber Back