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5 Inch Touch Screen TFT Raspberry Pi Display


5 Inch Touch Screen Raspberry Pi Display is a TFT HDMI display, which is very cute and can be used on Raspberry Pi such as Pi Module A, B, Pi B+/2B and 3B or just connect it to your computer with the HDMI interface. The resolution of it is 800*480, Plug it into Raspberry Pi and make sure that the Raspberry has installed drive and Raspbian IMG, then power the Raspberry Pi, and the display will work.

Technical Datasheet

LCD Type               TFT

LCD Interface            SPI

Touch Screen Type        Resistive

Controller               XPT2046

Backlight                LED

Resolution               800*480 Pixel

Colors                  65536



Touch, it has touch screen, the type of touch screen is resistive

Support for the controlling of backlight, save the power

Support for HDMI input, it’s easy to be a monitor of computer, just connect it to the computer with a HDMI cable (the resolution is better to be 800*480 Pixel, or the image will be bad)

Bing compatible to Raspberry Pi A, B, 2B/B+ and 3B

The Touch function is based on the I/O interface

Note: if don’t want to use the HDMI cable and GPIO to connect others machine, please power it by 5 Volte and 2 A.


5 Inch Touch Screen TFT Raspberry Pi Display

HDMI cable

Touch pen



1.How to drive the TFT Touch screen by Raspberry Pi?

Step one:

Set up your Raspberry Pi


You can download the Raspbian IMG to a TF card, this IMG has been added kinds of drive for different screen. Here’s the website:



Plug the TF card which have burned the Raspbian we offer to Raspberry Pi.


Step two:

Connect to Raspberry Pi

Method one:

Plug the screen to your Raspberry Pi with GPIO and connect it to Raspberry Pi via HDMI interface (you will have the touch function in this way), we have a HDMI adapter, it’s convenient to use it.

Method two:

Connect it to Raspberry Pi via HDMI interface and USB port (both them should be connected together)


Step three:

Write a command to Raspberry Pi

Please input the following command to the Raspberry Pi (this is a command which make Raspberry Pi suit for 5inch screen):


cd LCD-show

sudo ./LCD5-show



Then you can enjoy it.


2.How to deal it as computer’s vice monitor?


Connect the screen to your computer via HDMI cable, and power the screen via USB interface belong to computer.


Tip: if you have saw a yellow lightning at the upper right corner, it means the current is smaller than he need, so, you can power it with highly current.